01 March 2012

Veggies at the door

Thanks to advice from a friend equally enthusiastic about organic, local vegetables, I've started a wonderful service this week: organic produce delivered straight to my door. The Katwijk-based company is called Kievit and they offer a once-a-week delivery of organic vegetables, fruits, and other items, like potatoes and eggs.

I chose for a combination pack (fruits and veggies) plus a bi-weekly order of potatoes and six eggs per week. The order arrived on Tuesday evening, and I was greeted with two large paper bags plus a turquoise welcome bag.

So what did I get? I know you're dying to know. Cherry tomatoes, corn salad, chinese cabbage, spring onions, apples and oranges, plus my requested sack of potatoes and half dozen eggs. And the welcome gift contained a pineapple, cheese and locally made organic jam. Yum!

There's something magical about having someone else select your produce. I'll spend the week incorporating these items into some hopefully delicious dinners. I'd better be quick, since the delivery repeats itself in just a few more days!


  1. My mouth is watering. I would feel an urgency to plan and utilize every bit of the purchase. Here's to happy, healthy eating. J

  2. Sweet that they deliver. I hate shopping, and wish I had fresh veggies every few days. I try to go once a month, throw out veggies as they wilt. Wonder what their business plan is. And most of all, hope this is a great adventure with much happiness for you!