04 September 2011

Reykjavik's Laundromat Cafe

We'd been in Iceland less than 24 hours and we already had a full load of dirty laundry. The baby was in his car seat dressed in a onesie and an adult-sized sweatshirt. We ducked into our hotel and asked if there was anywhere we could wash clothes. We were directed to a cafe in the center of town. With vague directions, we took the drive into Reykjavik. Isidro carried Adrian and I carried the washing. After a short walk we found the cafe in question: The Laundromat Cafe. Just before entering I was paralyzed with doubt. What if I'm walking into a busy, hip cafe with dirty clothes and they don't actually do laundry?

The bartender approached and I asked timidly. I breathed a sigh of relief at the response and purchased some detergent in a paper cup. We headed down to the brightest, reddest laundry room I've ever seen.

After a short struggle with the machine, the clothes were swishing happily. We headed back upstairs and enjoyed some delicious veggie burgers and soaked in the atmosphere of this clearly popular student hangout. Then, we went back downstairs to hang out in their even larger kid's playroom, where Adrian had a ball and read some books.
We shook our heads at our luck: what could have been a logistical nightmare had been easily solved. And the baby likes it here. The icing on the cake was the sign I saw heading back upstairs: "Go ahead and breastfeed. We like both babies and boobs!"

So we came back the next day. I proudly breastfed Adrian in a roomy booth, then enjoyed a Gull beer and a slice of carrot cake.

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