21 January 2010

Why I wish I could be in Iowa this weekend

Iowa, the setting for the great documentary King Corn, is hosting the Oneota Film Festival this weekend. How I wish I could be there! With free admission (donations encouraged) visitors can look forward to:
...two days packed with almost 25 hours of feature-length and short films about sustainability in food, energy, and living – plus eco-tourism, short comedies, and local productions. Some sessions will be followed by panel discussions where you can connect the dots, share ideas and get helpful information from local and national experts.

Living abroad sometimes makes it hard to decide where one's community is. Even after all these years in NL, I still feel more like a Midwesterner than I do Dutch. And it's times like this that it would be great to mingle with other Midwesterners that share similar concerns.

Rochester's Post Bulletin has more information.

Those who can attend, enjoy!

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