11 January 2008


What is adulthood? Is it turning 18 and realizing the privileges and responsibilities that come with being of legal age? On my 18th birthday I celebrated by purchasing cigarettes and a lottery ticket. I didn't behave any differently, other than in my confidence to pursue certain vices.

Is it living on your own? Since leaving my parent's warm and cozy home, I've counted eight apartments as a residence. I've learned how to cook, pay rent, and apply the appropriate level of charm and determination in facilitating repairs.

Is it getting a full-time job? Traveling alone to a foreign country? Trading vodka and beer binge nights for wine with dinner? Growing out your fingernails? Getting married? Having children? Becoming more moderate in certain views? Being more concerned with financial, emotional, and mental stability than the yearnings of the id?

It's less than a week until my 30th birthday. I have accomplished a majority of the potential signposts above...but am I an adult? I have decided that adulthood is not about meeting a checklist of concrete expectations, but is more about an evolution in one's attitudes and behavior. I am honestly thrilled to leave my 20's behind, even though the past year I have been challenged in how to express these changes, particularly on this blog.

If I have a resolution this year, it is to learn how to document this new decade of experiences, to silence (or at least lower the volume) of my mid-20s persona that sometimes screams "sellout!" and to celebrate personal evolution and the new insights it brings. I can tentatively say I'm back as a blogger, because I want to believe that BlondebutBright can live on into the next decade.

Now let's see if I can remember the blogger password...

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