04 September 2007

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts.

First day of teaching.

First time riding my bike in Amsterdam in months (well, it almost felt like the first time).

First session with my new Spanish tutor.

First time a random tourist asked me - in all seriousness - why it's a bad idea to buy drugs on the street.

First time the fire alarms went off in my building for real (thanks to students smoking in inappropriate places).

First time realizing that if there ever was a fire, it would probably be the end of all of us.

And finally, my first visit to the new public library in Amsterdam - may I say this is the COOLEST library I have ever seen. It's absolutely grand and beautiful and hip and the top floor has a cafe with an outdoor terrace and an incredible view. I'll snap a pic from that angle next time I'm there.

Now I'm off for a second visit to the first spa I've ever found in NL that allows visitors to wear their bathing suits (but only once a month). Who knew that string bikinis are actually modest?

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