07 September 2007

3 random thoughts

1. The best thing about being a famous would have to be that other people make your CV for you, like on IMDb. No more searching through old files to figure out what to put on that list of professional accomplishments. Same goes for Wiki. Once others have deemed you Wiki-worthy, everything is right there to reminisce about, and you know that those that love you and hate you will do their best to keep all facts fair and balanced.

2. Why are swear words or racial slurs often described as "colorful"? When I hear someone saying something incredibly rude, in my mind it has a grayish or brownish pukey color. It seems that colorful images should be saved for inspiring words.

3. Why does the writing bug bite when it's impossible, or I've brought nothing with me to record it, or I inexplicably decide I'm too lazy to write it down? And will I continue to make these excuses when the ultimate excuse is no longer applicable (that pesky degree)?

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