21 August 2007

The dark side of the tolerant country

Ladies and gentleman, I'd like you to introduce you to someone But first, I want you all to close your eyes and picture the most ignorant, hateful, irrational person that you know, and think of the worst thing they've ever said or done to give you this impression. Then multiply that comment or action times 100, and you'll have a close approximation of the politics of this man.

I give you Geert Wilders, leader of the "Party for Freedom" here in the Netherlands. (For non-Dutch speakers, his first name is pronounced like "hair - but add a guttural sound to the 'h' - and end with a hard 't'). Geert is known for spewing the most horrific, vile things about everything and everyone he detests - mainly the Muslim immigrants that have made the Netherlands their home.

Why, just a few weeks ago, Geert argued that the Koran should be banned in the Netherlands, and made his point clear:
"A ban is a ban. Not only the sale, but also the use in mosques and ownership in a household context should be punishable. If the current legislation does not allow that then a new law on banning the book should be introduced."

"It is a fascist book. That is not a book we should have here. Maybe if you take all the harmful verses out of it, but then there wouldn't be much left. Then the Koran would be about as thick as a comic book."
Now the Dutch Muslim Council has invited Geert to enter a constructive dialogue with them. Guess what? He has refused. On what grounds?
"I will refrain from doing that not because I don't want dialogue, but because a debate on this is not possible. It is pointless."
Right. This is the man that, in the last election campaign, called the increase in Muslims in the Netherlands a "tsunami of Islamisation." I guess it is pointless to attempt dialogue with such a person. Kudos for trying, Dutch Muslim Council.

To their credit, almost all other Dutch polticians have condemned this rhetoric. But why is Geert still in the Dutch parliament? I'm no expert on Dutch politics, but shouldn't such hate-inciting rhetoric NOT be a part of a national parliament, intent on making a society run smoothly?

And why aren't Dutch citizens out on the streets, calling for this guy's political head, and that of the other party members? Who voted for these monsters, anyway?

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