03 July 2007

Online gems

While avoiding work this morning, I found some random gems while perusing the blogs:

Thinking about the iPhone, or just interested in what it's like to talk to corporate America? Here's a guy trying to cancel his contract with tmobile (apparently you have to have a mobile phone contract with AT&T to use the iPhone). I feel your pain, man. I especially like the "small talk" where the CSR asks about how he's enjoying the iPhone, what his plans are for the Fourth of July, etc.

For the travelers out there: Here's a blog on How to Get Bumped by an Airline for Fun and Profit. I pulled this one off with KLM a few months ago and am now sitting on an 800 Euro travel voucher. Free holiday, here I come!

And finally, the battle rages between obesity hysteria and those that think it's just pure and simple discrimination. Kind of like the war between smokers and non-smokers. In order to expand my horizons I've been keeping up with a blog called Junkfood Science that critiques our society's obsession with fat. She recently combined these issues and published an article comparing smokers to those considered overweight - "Smokers there (in the UK) are not allowed to adopt children, just as fat people."

I'm not sure how I feel about an argument of likeness between the two, but since I'm not allowed to comment on the blog (always a bad move when it comes to a debatable issue), I'll just express my skepticism here. Being an ex-smoker - and a current anti-smoker - articles like this make me wonder if my disgust is simply a product of anti-smoking campaigns and not my own, personal disgust towards the horrible stench it leaves on my hair and my clothes. Am I just jumping on a bandwagon? And if that's the case with smoking, what about the anti-fat movement - isn't it the same thing?

With those pleasant thoughts, it's back to work.

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