01 April 2007

Rome traffic

I spent a glorious weekend in Rome, admiring the sites and avoiding work for a much-needed few days. There are a million things I could write about, but the most impressive observation by far was the traffic.

Total chaos. I realized early on that while in the car, the best way to avoid soaring blood pressure was to adopt the attitude that at any moment, a horrific car accident could happen. And it worked. Among many, the closest call was with an elderly man in a suddenly veering Smart car, seemingly intent on plastering us to the guardrail. There's nothing like a good pair of brakes to avoid tragedy, and a fatalistic mindset that left my heart beating regularly and my palms sweat free. I think I've found the secret to surviving in a city with insane driving conditions.

The funniest sight? This guy. Apparently really keen for an ice cream - or really keen to reach his destination on time - he motored along beside us for quite a stretch, somehow navigating heavy traffic and enjoying his cone. I hope it was delicious.

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