21 March 2007

The daily horoscope

For the things I can't blog about, sometimes sharing the daily horoscope satisfies the frustration of not being able to publicly vent:
Think of the Berlin Wall. Once, it stood proud and impenetrable. Now, it is nothing but a memory. People thought it was forever, but eventually, the oppressive force collapsed. For longer than you care to remember, you have been intimidated by something big and overwhelming, but you have felt unable to challenge it. You have learned to contain your resentment and to work within the limitations that have been imposed upon you. Mars and Saturn, though, insist that, finally, this era of your life is over.
That's from Jonathan Cainer, the best astrologist of them all (at least the only one I consult on a haphazard basis). I can only hope his words are at least partially true.

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