14 February 2007

Valentine's blog

In recent years I've scorned the celebration with a brief "Hallmark holiday" insult and left it at that. I honestly don't care if my sweetie does anything special on this one day (I prefer something special every other day, if I have to choose) and I snicker at the thought of all the couples that will be fighting today over a lack of acknowledgement/crappy present/fully booked restaurant issues.

This Valentine's Day has brought a surprising, though welcomed, political twist. The twist started off on a more historical note, as Jarod's Forge gave me a witty recap of Valentine's Day past, complete with delightful tidbits that got me thinking about my long-standing criticisms of February 14 and what it represents.

My surfing session next led me to Rulablog and presented me with reasons NOT to celebrate Valentine's Day by linking the article "Sharing love in the global economy: Tough to find gifts that don't do great harm," a great piece from two years ago. Nothing gets past this searing commentary: Roses, chocolate, jewelry, perfume, and lingerie are all mentioned as burning moral issues.
"Most consumers have no idea that these sweet, fragrant, sparkling, beautiful gifts can have such dark, foul and bitter undersides. And how could they? For years, corporate leaders and politicians have trumpeted the benefits of globalization and simultaneously done their best to hide its impact on people and the environment."
So, if you're getting grouchy because your flower bouquet wasn't big enough, or your chocolates delectable enough, stop your whining and think of those less fortunate that are suffering because of our ruthless, heartless, consumer driven culture. And if you don't give a crap about fluffy gifts, like me, then get political, maybe even sign a petition to show your support for Colombian flower workers, and make Valentine's Day another opportunity to get political. I'm talking to you too, honey.

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