13 February 2007

A motivation to run

What could it be? Could it be a new bike? Yes, that's right, the invisible doctor that inhabits part of my brain told me that the reason I cannot run like I used to is because my cross-training (i.e., biking) had almost come to a halt over the past few months. Therefore, the only exercise I was getting was running, which was putting a huge strain on legs that craved for non-impact aerobics and strength training.

It was pretty cheap, too. That's what living in the Netherlands has taught me: It's better to go on the internet and read (reliable) sources about running injuries, then even without any medical training, put two and two together and make a new purchase. Funny, because the bike cost less than the doctor would have, and I bet that it's going to help me in getting through that Paris half marathon in March.

Time will tell. Even if it doesn't - nice color, right?

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