20 February 2007

Five things

Roman at Me Against the Keyboard wants me to reveal 5 previously unknown facts about myself. Here they are:

1) When I was six, I lived in Togo, West Africa with my family for one year. We were short-term missionaries. It was truly an amazing experience, and definitely the most memorable of my early childhood. Let’s just say I remember more than enough to identify my own truths and probable exaggerations in The Poisonwood Bible.

2) As a pre-adolescent I was completely obsessed with the character of Cindy Mancini in the movie Can't Buy Me Love. I wanted to look like her, walk like her, smirk like her, and most importantly, dress like her. I made my mom watch the movie with me again and again while I wrote down her outfits and tried to find duplicate looks at the local shopping mall.

3) Back in my wild teenage years, I used to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom at the house we lived in until I was 18. I would lock the door, turn on the shower to the hottest temperature, open the window, and switch on the fan. Then I would get on top of the bathroom counter and light up, blowing the smoke directly into the fan and tap the ashes into a small plastic cup. When I was finished I would flush the cigarette butt and the ashes and take a shower. By the time I was finished, the bathroom smelled like nothing evil had transpired, and my parents never suspected a thing. It’s been 11 years since then, so I’m allowed to confess now, right? (Although it’s scary how well I can remember this process).

4) My feet are very narrow. In fact, they measure AAAA, the narrowest shoe width available to humankind (that is possibly an exaggeration). A shoe salesperson once told me that only one in 50,000 people possess that width. Scarier still, my mom and I have identical feet - that is, completely identical in length and width. This means that shoe shopping almost always ends in disaster, but it also means that wherever we are in the world, if we can find them, we always pick out perfect- fitting shoes for each other.

5) I often have incredibly vivid, disturbing, prophetic dreams. These often result in rampant fits of déjà vu that blow my mind and sometimes lead me to cover my eyes and hum in order to stop them. I have absolutely no idea whether or not this is significant, but it sure is cool.

I’m not tagging anyone, but feel free to leave interesting confessions in the comments.

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