14 December 2006

In transit

Almost nine years ago, I was walking home from class in Madison, Wisconsin. A pushy girl approached me with a credit card application and promised a free, over-sized t-shirt if I filled out the application. Caught in a moment of weakness, I complied, and a few weeks later, I found myself with my first credit card.

It served me well, and because I never abused it they slowly raised my credit, sent new, pretty cards every couple years and eventually promoted me to "Platinum Select."

This label was meaningless until today, when this rarely used card got me into a VIP lounge at the Santiago airport. For only eight dollars. So now I have free wireless access and am on my second free beverage.

I've seen the glory of the Andes from a plane and I'm heading north, but soon hope to write soon about the southernmost city in the world (or so they claim).

Hasta la próxima, Argentina.

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