08 November 2006

Those that never left

Yesterday, Bicyclemark was a guest lecture in my class. As I sat and watched him wave his arms as he enthusiastically discussed his passion, I had a brief flashback of how times have changed in the years that I have known him.

When we met, back in 2002, we were both master's students. I remember being wildly intimidated by his knowledge in some of our shared classes. Great debates ensued, and we built a friendship. We found ourselves leading international students around during their August introduction week, hanging out at CREA, enjoying occasional boat trips, running into each other at student parties, and developing a fondness for MACs.

Now? Well, when I met him, BM probably hadn't even heard of podcasts or vlogs, and now he's quite the expert. I couldn't imagine teaching a class, but now I'm a few years into the honor. As our dealings have added a professional dimension, our meet-ups have changed to lunches at SoupenZo, conversations at the international school (not yet built when we were still students there), and even publishing on the same blog.

Only four years, but so much has changed. This is what went through my mind when I realized that two former MA students that refused to leave Amsterdam when their time was "up" are now teaching the next generation.

Well, OK, we're not that old.

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