07 November 2006

Salsa, part deux

Salsa class was last night. For this fall session I have the dream teacher, again. She's hooked me and I can't imagine ever taking classes from anyone else. Sometimes I feel like a third-grader trying desperately to improve in order to win her approval. And last night, I did.

Let me explain. This time around, I'm in a smaller group. That means more personalized attention, more time dancing with a friendly group of salsa learners, and less time listening to her shout at students for not paying attention.

Also, since there's a shortage of men in the class (a common problem), she has to dance the male part, and in the process corrects the women's turns, posture, eye-contact, everything. So I get a huge amount of consideration as compared to past courses.

Last night, she taught me something very important about balance. I had a flash of insight, and though I struggled, I managed to incorporate her advice in a remarkably short time. This learning earned me a shoulder squeeze and a "Great job tonight! You're really getting it!" after class was over.

I shone like the sun and floated over to a chair to take off my dancing shoes. I will practice all week if approval like this keeps coming.

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