13 November 2006

Plant adoption

Yesterday, I adopted two plants from my friend Victoria, who is leaving Amsterdam in order to start a new life in NYC.

When we move away, we take the most precious things with us. Children and pets? Most definitely. Knickknacks and priced possessions, yes. Sometimes even truckloads of furniture.

But when that change of physical location takes us across an ocean or even a border, our plant friends often must be left behind. There's no vaccination or legal document that will make them acceptable to their new surroundings, so they remain.

But what do we do with these plant-like creatures? We've spent possibly years nurturing them. We feed them, water them, groom them. We re-pot them when they enthusiastically outgrow their living spaces. Perhaps we even name them, talk to them, and reminiss over their tiny beginnings.

I know this intricate process of vegetation bonding, so I will take my promise of care seriously, and hope that when my time comes, I can also find a dedicated adoptive parent for my little green ones.

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