02 November 2006

The off day

Breathlessly busy followed by relaxation, at least for a day. October was crazy, right up until Halloween night. November will be much less so. Lucky for me and my blogging commitment.

Anyway, today has been the first day where I can focus on anything and everything that needs catching up on. Being busy can be stressful, but these in-between days are so enjoyable that I think it's almost worth it.

You know, when you are finally able to do hand wash the dedicates, clean the toilet, grocery shop at a leisurely pace, listen to random music (today it's my parent's Fleetwood Mac collection), creatively cook, AND work, all in the same day?

And then there's that random online stuff that I always restrict myself (more or less) from getting lost in when I have a desperate deadline right around the corner. You know, like catching up with old friends, doing some MAC learning, aimlessly browsing Wikipedia, checking the horoscope (and this one - not that I believe in that stuff), and finding new blogs.

Yes, I do love the off day and its luxurious solitude. Tomorrow will be a 4am wake-up call followed by a fun but busy weekend on an island. Stay tuned.

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