15 November 2006

The middle point

Today is a tough day for inspiration. Maybe because it’s November 15th, the halfway point of this crazy blogging month. In the two and almost a half years that I’ve been a blogger, I have never written this much. This combined with my five-times-a week Trippist writings has my creativity occasionally feeling like it’s gasping for air.

I love writing. It’s more of who I am than anything else. I need to define my experiences in life with words – that’s how I explain my emotions, thoughts and insights to myself and others. For some, it’s painting, or singing, or dancing, but for me it has always been writing.

So when I *have* to write this much I sometimes worry that my passion will be snuffed out by obligation, and I’ll lose this dear and very necessary form of expression. But perhaps I’m wrong – maybe extreme writing is simply exercising a muscle that for too long I neglected, and such a brutal training regime will result in more inspiration.

I hope that’s the case, because if the day ever comes that I cannot match my inner humming to words, then I know I’ll be a lost and lonely human.

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