30 November 2006

The end

Well, that's all folks. One month - 30 days - 30 posts. I've written like crazy and at the same time discovered scores of new, highly talented bloggers. It was tiring, it was exhilarating, and now that I'm finally used to cranking out the daily post, I must cut back for a while.

This morning a plane will take me far, far away. I will fly to places I've only encountered while globe gazing. I'll breath in unfamiliar odors and bask in the summer (that's right, summer!) sun. I'll set foot in cities that I hadn't even heard of and most definitely couldn't pronounce before trip planning started.

By Friday afternoon, I will be strolling the streets of Buenos Aires, letting the atmosphere of a previously unknown continent penetrate my soul and change my life experience. The weeks to follow will include more explorations, each even more delightful than the last (I hope so!). Maybe my Spanish will even improve in the process.

I can guarantee that I won't write every day. But when time and circumstance allows it, I will post a photo and provide an update.

And BlondebutBright will, of course, be back with a vengeance in 2007.

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