11 November 2006

Digital contacts

We all have huge lists of people that we've known. But now that these “contacts” are in digital format, they remain easily accessible to us, making it truly effortless to save someone's pertinent information that we have completely lost contact with.

My first email address was a hotmail account. When I peruse my address book in that long-forgotten digital space, I see names that have passed in and out of my life, for one reason or another.

Strangely, this even holds for my mobile phone, even though it is the newest addition to my computerized collection. Maybe it's the transient nature of people in Amsterdam, I'm not sure. Just for fun, I decided to go through the first five entries to see what those names represent to me today. (See what happens when you force yourself to blog everyday?).

Here we go:

1) A former student of mine, from long ago. I'm not even sure why I have his number in my phone, although we did meet socially on several occasions. One of those people that is now halfway across the world, and I may or may not ever see again.

2) The number for Amnesty International's office in Amsterdam. I put this in my phone last March when I was arranging my VIP pass, in order to see as many compelling films as possible at their annual film festival. Due to some forgotten hassle, I had to call multiple times before the pass was sorted out.

3) A close friend of mine, someone that I have frequent contact with. This name represents of the few people that I actually communicate with by phone, messenger, and in person, and a number that I would never erase.

4) My former Dutch tutor. I have lost touch with her – it’s been about nine months since we were in contact, but she’s also a person that I know I could always reconnect with. Her name reminds me of delightful conversations in Dutch and all the weekends I spent at her place when she was away, taking her two dear (and now deceased) dogs to the Vondelpark.

5) A girl that was in the two Zouk classes that I took. I stopped with Zouk, and haven’t run into her since. The number exchange was more for coordinating similar-interest activities than any close or blossoming friendship. A nice girl but I doubt we’ll ever call again.

What stories do your contacts tell?

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