10 October 2006

So much to write about

So much to write about. I could start with my end-of September trip to Spain, where in the heart of conservative country I discovered a photo contest/exhibition with beautiful photos of mothers breast-feeding their babies. (And in the middle of a shopping mall. I was delighted.). And listened to a radio program discussing the women's right to vote among other feminist issues. Spain is really impressing me in the past few years with its open-minded attitudes and policies. Seems like some countries that will not be named could learn a few things from the land of Zapatero.

Or last week, where I spent a large chuck of my time in London, strengthening both personal and professional connections (dissertation research plus visiting old friends). I still got that old thrill from riding the tube with the morning commuters. I know that it would fade and possibly turn into irritation if I actually lived there, so for now I'm happy to keep my London visits at a reasonable two per year.

I'll eventually say something about my recent viewing of An Inconvenient Truth, also. Oh, and the Amsterdam Marathon is this Sunday (well, half-marathon for me). Yet another thing to elaborate on, in time.

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