24 October 2006

The privilege of care

It's 9 o'clock in the morning and still dark outside. And I'm soaked, and horrified with my latest encounter with socialized medicine. I know that I'm a spoiled rotten brat for being used to private health care in the U.S., and I know that the rest of the world does not operate like that, and I take full responsibility for anyone that sneers at my complaints, but my GOD it's a shock to walk into a waiting room full of 75 people when you thought you'd be taken care of within the hour.

All I want, all I need are travel vaccinations for my upcoming fun, exotic trip. Again, a privileged activity, and as I sit and write this I realize how ridiculous it is to complain about such a thing. "I had a terrible day! The line was too long at the public clinic, so I couldn't get vaccinated for my awesome trip!" Boo hoo, life is hard.

Now that I'm calm and reasonable again, I'll take a deep breath and try again tomorrow. And for those of you with private health care - you know, the ones that get personal attention within a few weeks and all the medicine that you want for little cost? Thank your lucky stars, because it may not always be like that.

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