12 October 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Drawing from my long list of writing promises, I think I'll start with An Inconvenient Truth.

1) Enter crappy London theater off of Leicester Square.

2) Pay ridiculous amounts of money to sit in crappy theater.

3) Realize in dismay that very expensive nuts bought at fresh-looking vendor are incredibly stale.

4) Sit through 20 minutes of commercials before getting to 15 minutes of movie trailers (is this really the case in every London movie theater?).

5) Stop feeling sorry for self as Al Gore beings to present a scientifically sound, disturbing story about how messed up our environment is.

6) Begin to be amused with the frequency with which Al Gore is seen working on his MAC; determine that I have a new affinity with the almost-President.

7) Continue to be astounded and horrified by off-the-chart statistics.

8) Begin to wonder when the "This is what you can do to help" message will appear.

9) Realize that Al Gore, although he should have been President, is probably much happier focusing on a cause that he is passionate about. Feel happy for him (although still horrified about statistics).

10) Continue waiting for message of action. Gore finally rattles off a few things that "we" can do to avert global warming.

11) Watch film credits roll. A brief flash of the film's website (more info on what we can do).

12) Half of the population of the theater gets up and walks out. I gape in astonishment: Why the hell did they come to this film? Don't they want to DO something? Sit! Of course, I keep my American-accented mouth shut.

12) Credits continue to roll. Intermingled with credits are more suggestions for earth-friendly living.

13) Film viewers continue to exit the film en masse. I crane my neck to read, scowling and appalled by the public's lack of interest in solutions, but mainly dismayed that no one had the foresight to address solutions THROUGHOUT the film, or at least at the end, when the pretty pictures were still playing. People leave when the credits roll. That's no surprise.

14) Exit the theater. Realize that I like Al Gore more than before, and long for a world where Bush did not rule.

15) Vow to visit http://www.climatecrisis.net/ on a regular basis and really improve my earth-saving efforts.

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