27 September 2006


I'm resorting to "things about me" posts in order to fill my blog space. Forgive me, and enjoy.

Accent: Some say it twangs slightly of my Minnesota upbringing. I think it's just blatantly American, as anyone non-American will immediately point out.

Booze: Southern Comfort. But I forgot what it tastes like.

Chore I Hate: I love chores. They distract me from what I'm supposed to be doing.

Dog or Cat: Both, preferably. Realistically, neither.

Essential Electronics: The Mac family, consisting of various necessities.

Favorite Cologne: Whatever mingles with the scent of the man that I love.

Gold or Silver: Platinum.

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota.

Insomnia: Ha. I sleep like the dead.

Job Title: PhD student, and when avoiding the student label, teacher.

Kids: Nil.

Living arrangements: Alone for almost seven years (for now), except one brief, hazardous roommate experience.

Most admirable traits: Determination, loyalty, and stubbornness (really, it can be good).

Number of sexual partners: Should never, ever be confessed. By anyone, to anyone.

Overnight hospital stays: Don't think I ever stayed the night.

Phobias: Big crowds, small elevators.

Quote: "Men create war to compete with women, who create life." (Sharon Doubiago)

Religion: Bad.

Siblings: One, a younger brother.

Time I wake up: Usually between 6am and 8am, depending on the degree of laziness.

Unusual talent or skill: I have talents, but none of them are unusual.

Vegetable I love: I love all vegetables. Except water chestnuts.

Worst habit: Procrastination.

X-rays: Too many bones to count. Teeth.

Yummy foods I make: Creative salads.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn. Fits like a charm.

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