07 June 2005

¡Viva Madrid!

Only a few hours left of my long weekend in Madrid. I sit, for the first time since Friday, in front of the glorious addiction that is a computer and try to quickly type on an unfamiliar keyboard. Madrid is an amazing place; it's my first visit and I've really enjoyed it. Coming from Amsterdam, it is truly a big city, with towering, impressive buidings, a bustling metro, and an absence of bicycles. Prostitution is illegal (I think) but while in Amsterdam many are in shock and awe of the red light district, I find it much more comfortable to view the trade when the women safely poised behind glass doors (for their safety and mine); here, almost-naked women strut through the busy market streets, mingling with teenaged couples, small children and alarmed tourists.

It's been good for my Spanish although the immersion is also quite exhausting. I often find myself biting my tongue before uttering silly Dutch phrases that have become a part of the way that I relate to others. I was even able to experience a musical español experience by seeing a gratis Shakira concert on Sunday night, what a treat! Those abs are deadly. And the heat - my god, the heat. Perfect swimming weather but not so great for walking 12 hours in the sun. It makes me realize that even though I always complain about the Dutch cold, the chill is a personal comfort zone. Being a Minnesota girl for so long probably means that I'll never comfortably live in any close proximity to the equator.

Back to Amsterdam later this afternoon, and then to London for one night for a quick job (sounds intriguing, eh?). I will be back in full force at the end of the week.

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